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The  1 In A Million Project  is raising $1 million for Charity by connecting 1 million women with a message of support and encouragement. Each woman donates at least $1 and then 'pays it forward' by nominating 3 others she thinks are '1 in a million'.

You're here because a fellow woman sent YOU a message of support & encouragement.


We all get to a stage where we want our life to to have more meaning & purpose.

You may not be sure what your mission or your passion is yet. Or maybe you have a vision, but no idea how to make it happen - yet.

We're here to support and encourage you and a million more just like you. We want to make sure your dreams, your vision and your own special mission become a reality.

Can you imagine what an impact 1 million empowered women can make on our planet?

So please, PAY IT FORWARD!   Together we're powerful.

Reach out to at least 3 amazing women in your life and let them know:

You're 1 in a million and I believe in you!

Miriam Castilla

 Founder, 1 In A Million Project,  Author, Speaker & Effectologist

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